5 Tips on How to Start a New Academic Year

The holiday fun always seems to end too soon with the arrival of the new school term.

Are you ready to get up on time?

Can you adjust to school life both physically and psychologically?

To actually enjoy studying and be productive, follow the tips described below. Approved by both students and teachers, they will certainly come in handy and make your new academic year unforgettable.

Set both short-term and long-term goals. With these little steps, you can do a better job obtaining good results.

Planning is a useful thing, though it's often underestimated. And ignoring the planning stage is a fundamental mistake. You can check how your productivity and achievements depend on planning. Weekly planning is a good rule to follow. Daily planners can be both offline and online, letting you schedule your day in a convenient way.

Try a two-week experiment. Don't plan anything during the first week, and just let things slide. And the next week, plan your daily routine in advance, prioritize and set deadlines. See the difference?