Brazilian Footballer Naturalized How to Join Chinese Nationality

A few days ago, "Elkeson,Guangzhou Evergrande Player, Joining Chinese Nationality" attracted the attention of many people at home and abroad.


[Heated Discussion] Elkeson Returning to Guangzhou Evergrande. Does He Join Chinese Nationality?

Elkeson Willing to Fight for the Chinese Football and Joining Chinese Nationality.


Another Foreign Player Joining Chinese Nationality and the Chinese National Football Team.Netizens: We Really Love That!

Knowing such exciting news, we are really happy for the Chinese football~


At the same time, we are more pleased that Elkeson can join Chinese nationality.


In fact, it is common occurrence that foreign players join Chinese nationality.


For example:


Hou Yongyong,Norwegian Football Genius, Naturalized, and Chinese Men's National Football Naturalization Wave Coming Soon

Li Ke,a 26-Year-Old Football Player,Becoming the First Naturalized Person of the Chinese Football.

Fans: Looking Forward to His Debut!

However, as we all know, Chinese nationality is one of the most difficult nationalities to join in the world.


It is not only difficult for foreigners to get, but it is also hard for internationally famous actors like Jet Li to restore his Chinese nationality.


Moreover, China does not recognize dual nationality.


So,regarding the fact that foreigners in China join Chinese nationality, we have also received many “complaints and inquiries from foreign friends in China:


"It is too difficult to join Chinese nationality. I cannot do that." ;


"I don't know the conditions for joining Chinese nationality and its procedures.";


"I have been in China for almost ten years. I really like this country and I want to live here for the rest of my life.What can I do to become a Chinese national?";


"What materials do I need to prepare to join Chinese nationality?";


"I heard that Chinese nationality is the most difficult nationalities to join.Is the condition really rigour, and is the procedure extremely troublesome?”“......


In addition, there are also Chinese friends who come to consult us about that.

"My wife is a foreigner. How can she apply for Chinese nationality?";

"If we have a baby in the future, what is the nationality of the baby?" They asked.


Therefore, at the request of Chinese and foreign friends in China, and for the tangled and nagging problem of “how can foreigners in China become Chinese nationals”, we deliberately elaborates the conditions, materials and procedures for joining Chinese nationality.




According to the Article 7 of the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China,foreign nationals or stateless persons who are willing to abide by China's Constitution and laws and who meet one of the following conditions may be naturalized upon approval of their applications:


(1) They are near relatives of Chinese nationals;


(2) They have settled in China; or


(3) They have other legitimate reasons.








1.A complete and correct application form;


2.A foreign passport or other travel documents


3.Proof of close relatives


4.Resident ID cards and permanent residence registration certificates of close relatives with Chinese nationalities


5. A notarized property right of housing certificate;


6. A notarized living guarantee certificate;


7. A certificate of no criminal record in the country concerned as issued by the relevant Chinese embassy and consulate;


8. A health certificate issued by a health quarantine agency designated by the Chinese government or by a foreign health quarantine agency recognized by the relevant Chinese embassy or consulate;


9.Four two-inch size recent color photos


10.A certificate of Loss of Nationality


1.The above-mentioned certificates as issued by a foreign agency shall be subject to the authentication of the Chinese embassy and consulate in the country concerned, and shall be translated into Chinese by a qualified translation company, and shall be done stamp paging seal; If the nationality is required, you shall submit a material for review and confirmation of your foreign nationality.


2.You shall be the spouse of a Chinese citizen with permanent residence status in China. Your marriage relation shall have existed for five years or above. You shall have resided in China for five consecutive years and no less than nine months every year and have stable source of income and residence.


3. If you are under the age of 18, you only need to submit your birth certificate, the ID cards of both parents and the proof that your father or mother with Chinese nationality had once resided abroad.


4.If a foreign child adopted by a citizen of China is required to submit a notarization of adoption.


5.If you have a significant contribution to China, you must submit a letter of recommendation and relevant certificates from the relevant units (the competent department of Ministries, Commissions, Administrations and Provincial People's Governments under the State Council). For example, if you come to China  through the Thousand Talents Program, you need to submit a copy of Request for Talents Registration Form.




(1)Filling in a form: The applicant fills in the Application Form for Nationality of the People's Republic of China;


(2)Acceptance: The applicant holds the application form and materials to the acceptance window.


Check: The personnel conduct preliminary check of the acceptance materials and report them to the Exit-Entry Administration of the Provincial Public Security Bureau for approval; After the check and approval,it shall be reported to the Ministry of Public Security for further examination and approval;


(4)Issuing a certificate: The applicant receives the certificate at the issuing window.


Application units


The organs that accept applications for Chinese nationality include the local Municipal or County Public Security Bureau in China, and the Chinese diplomatic representative institutions and consular institutions in foreign countries.




Application fee: RMB 50 Yuan for each person


Chinese nationality certificate fee: RMB 200 Yuan for each card


In fact, there are still some people who are directly granted Chinese nationality!


1.Any person born in China whose parents are both Chinese nationals or  one of whose parents is a Chinese national shall have Chinese nationality.


2.Any person born abroad whose parents are both Chinese nationals or one  of whose parents is a Chinese national shall have Chinese nationality.But  a person whose parents are both Chinese  nationals  and  have  both  settled abroad, or one of whose parents is a  Chinese  national  and  has  settled abroad, and who has acquired foreign nationality at birth shall  not  have Chinese nationality.


3、Any person born in China whose  parents  are  stateless  or  of  uncertain nationality and have settled in China shall have Chinese nationality.


To be frank,Chinese nationality is really not easy to apply, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. Nowadays, China's opening to the outside world is increasingly wider. In order to attract high-end foreign talents and investors, the Chinese government has formulated more convenient and relaxed policies for them. Foreign friends who want to know more about that information can refer to the previous article "12 New Measures of Immigration Policies Issued".

中国国籍的确不好拿,但也绝非不可能的事。现如今,中国对外开放的程度越来越高。为吸引高精尖外国人才和来华投资者,中国为其制定了更为方便和宽松的政策。想进一步了解这方面信息的朋友可以参考我们之前发布的文章“12 New Measures of Immigration Policies Issued”。

Therefore, if you, as a foreign friend in China, want to join Chinese nationality, it is only necessary to determine whether you meet the application conditions first. And you need to prepare the application materials and proceed step by step according to the regulations. Be patient,please,then,you will become a citizen of the People’s Republic of China soon~



1《中华人民共和国国籍法》 Nationality Law of the Peoples Republic of China



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